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Skill Training

Increasing the Employability & Better livelihood creation.

NestLives Pvt Ltd is backed by reputed firms which is recently graduated from IIT Madras’ Rural Technology and Business Incubator (RTBI), and has won NSDC’s Innovation Award.

The objective of this Skill Training is to enable a large number of Indian youth to take up industry-relevant skill training that will help them in securing a better livelihood. Individuals with prior learning experience or skills will also be assessed and certified under Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).


To make workshop, a unique identity of NestLives Pvt Ltd through consultancy, students project works ,training and industry institute interaction & to create techno-excellent citizen.


After the new Companies’ Act made CSR mandatory, the total amount of money suddenly available in the ecosystem has grown tremendously. There is suddenly too much CSR money chasing too few impactful projects. However, CSR benefactors wanting to create a genuine, long-term sustainable impact feel the need to look beyond the clichéd toilets/ computer skills and personality development skills.

In a country like India where 1.5 crore people get added to the employable age-group every year, we had to bring in skilled labor from China to build the famous T3 terminal at Delhi Airport and from Peru to drill tunnels for the Delhi Metro construction. For all round Socio-Economic development of the country, there is a need to add 9 crore people over the next few years to fill well-paying skilled jobs involving hands-on skills. The current quality of vocational skill training particularly at ITIs needs quick, sustainable, technology backed interventions to meet this herculean task.

We help vocational training centers to acquire better skills needed by world-class companies

Skill Development and practical vocational training is significantly important with lesser costs through its innovative, scalable platform of multi-skill simulators. After establishing market leadership with a range of welding-training products, a slew of new offerings is in the pipeline—spray painting, gold-jewelry soldering, medical skills, etc.

A 30 Lakh investment towards equipment upgrade and simulator integrated training methods can result in:

Ease of participation – Through good firm with track record in skill development space, it has a curate list of well deserving beneficiaries. The donor can donate the equipment/training package directly to the ITI and NestLives Pvt Ltd will handle the end-to-end execution

Monitoring & Measuring Impact – Because of NestLives Pvt Ltd technology back-end, impact and individual progress can be easily tracked.

NestLives Pvt Ltd is backed by reputed firms which is recently graduated from IIT Madras’ Rural Technology and Business Incubator (RTBI), and has won NSDC’s Innovation Award.

Courses we Offer

Solar PV Energy Training

LED lights manufacturing

Mechanical Fabrication

AIR Conditioning AMC Services

Solar PV Energy Training

As the demand for renewable energy systems grows rapidly, We are leading the industry in providing accredited solar training for the safe design and installation of grid connected, off grid and hybrid solar systems.

We follows international best practice standards and accreditation requirements to develop the content and deliverables of its PV training courses. On successful completion, and subject to their performance, the students will receive either a certificate of attainment or certificate of completion.

We are well connected internationally to various solar industry networks and professional bodies. Our courses are widely recognized and respected in the industry. We support our qualified students by recommending them to respective industries for placement after successful completion of training.

We also provides after training support services to its alumni which includes opportunities to update skills and knowledge, finding employment and invitation as well as access to networking events.

LED lights manufacturing

We train LED Lights concepts and assembling the products. It is LED Lights-Product Assembling Training, very useful for those who entered into LED Lights Assembling & Sales the LED Products Field.

Topics Covered:

  1. LED Bulbs Manufacturing-Practical
  2. Focus Light Manufacturing Practical
  3. Street Light Manufacturing Practical
  4. Tube Light Manufacturing Practical
  5. High bay Light Manufacturing-Practical

Mechanical Fabrication Assembly Skills

Mechanical fabrication plays an important role in today’s economy as the cost to produce goods increases and the profit margins shrink. To stay competitive, companies must manufacture high quality goods.

NestLives Pvt Ltd is used multimedia utilizes text, audio, and stunning 3D animations that engage learners in both theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills. This thorough, exceptionally detailed curriculum is built to begin with the basics and steadily advance to more complex concepts and skills. Through partnerships with key industry leaders and leading edge educators, NestLives Pvt Ltd developed the right balance of knowledge and applied skills needed to train learners to work in their chosen field.

Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioning mechanics and technicians can learn to install and repair both residential and commercial air conditioning systems as part of vocational training programs. Courses can be taken on campus, online or through some other form of distance education. Students typically earn a certificate upon completion. Students can expect to take classes in the following subjects: Because training in air conditioning repair is often paired with training in heating and ventilation (HVAC) and training in heating, ventilation and refrigeration (HVACR), courses tend to cover topics in those areas as well.