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Power Products

Standalone Sine-wave Solar Inverters

The first commercial market for photovoltaic has been the stand-alone systems. When energy supply via the grid of the electric utility is not possible, economic or desirable, PV systems can be installed economically as stand-alone systems. There is great potential for the implementation of stand-alone systems in developing countries, where large parts of the country often still remain without electricity supply. In a stand-alone system, the energy storage in the accumulators and the operation of numerous consumers is realized using direct current. This gives you an opportunity to define and have the desired backup depending upon your requirement by using batteries. We provides a wide range of stand-alone inverters (100W to 2000W) customized for any consumer requirement.

The objective of a stand-alone inverter is to support a variety of consumers/loads. These range from various types of industrial machines, domestic appliances to sensitive electronic devices in communications etc.


  1. High efficiency and reliability.
  2. Wall mounting option.
  3. Pure Sine Wave output for sensitive appliances.
  4. THD < 3% on non-leaner load.
  5. Reverse battery protection.
  6. Multiple information display panel.
  7. Lightweight product to easy carry.
  8. Over load short circuit protection.

Uninterruptable Power Supply

A smart solution for Uninterrupted Power Supply - Created with you in mind.


  1. Cut Down Your Electricity Bills: With the highest Power Factor in this range that ensures optimal power consumption, the Interactive UPS helps you save up to 25% of your electricity bills. Your can soon pay for itself!
  2. Automatic Low Battery Protection: When in the battery mode, the system checks the batteries to protect them from deep discharge sounding a buzzing alert to alert the user.
  3. Improves Battery Life: Fuzzy Logic Control based charging technology regulates the charging process and improves battery life substantially.
  4. For Highest Efficiency: With the world’s most trusted micro controller based technology using MOSFETs, improves the efficiency of the entire system and provides clean, efficient power to all your appliances.
  5. Battery Overcharge Protection: Interactive UPS protects batteries from getting overcharged and stops charging if the total DC voltage goes above 60 V.
  6. No Load Shutdown: If the load is less than 10 W, the system shuts down automatically after 2 minutes, which reduces the dependence on the battery back-up.
  7. Smart Overload Protection: Interactive UPS protects the system from breakdowns in the battery mode. The auto reset alarm re-tries 4 times and the system shuts down if the load is not reduced after 8 resets.
  8. Four built-in batteries: Interactive UPS comes with four inbuilt batteries, which are sealed, maintenance-free batteries. Now you can say no to pollution and fears of leakage and hello to a compact system that fits in anywhere into your home or office.
  9. Graphical Displays: The user-friendly graphical display indicates clearly the exact running condition of your digital UPS. This indication is accompanied with a buzzer sound alerting the user to any anomaly, and eventually shutting down automatically or resetting itself to keep functioning.
  10. UPS Mode/Wide UPS Mode: Comes equipped with a slider switch that allows the user to choose between UPS mode for sensitive appliances and Wide UPS mode for non-sensitive appliances.
  11. MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker): This protects the system and your appliances from any harmful distortions in the main power supply. The Digital UPS is fortified with two MCB’s – one for mains and one for battery supply, which ensure that the battery does not get discharged when in transit or an idle state.
  12. Rotary Bypass Switch: A Rotary Bypass Switch, placed at the rear of the UPS, can be used to shut down the system in the unlikely even of a breakdown. Thus protecting the system and the battery back-up.

Application: Interactive UPS is ideal for Small Offices, Cyber Cafés, Multiplexes and Public Libraries and also household appliances.

Lead Acid Batteries

• Designed for Deep Cycling Capabilities & Longer Service Life

• Higher Reliability

• Greater Protection against Leakage and Corrosion due to Heat Shield Tamper-proof lid

• Excellent Charge Acceptance

• Larger Electrolyte Volume Reduces Frequency of Water Topping


  1. A Perfect Match for your Inverter & UPS System: Your Inverter and UPS System have unique circuitry with demands which cannot be met by just battery. NEST Power Bank Batteries are scientifically built, keeping these every factors in mind. They match your appliances perfectly.
  2. Capable of Withstanding Deep Discharge and Overcharge: Only NEST Power Bank Batteries are tough enough to perform under these extreme operating conditions. Thus, they are far more dependable and economical to use. Their capability to withstand deep discharge is due to balanced active material and large electrolyte reserve. Special Lead Alloy Composition ensures low self discharge and resistance to overcharge.
  3. Intercell Welding: This is through a partition wall and results in better performance.

Industrial LED Drivers

We are leading firm in the industry, offering technically updated array of Industrial LED Drivers that are valued for seamless finishing and durable standards. Our entire product range is highly durable in nature and has high compressive strength. They can be easily installed in the required machinery and are energy efficient. LED driver 30w to 45w requires minimum maintenance and has elevated durability.



  1. PFC: >0.95
  2. Efficiency: >83%
  3. THD: <10%
  4. Ripple: <2v / CISPR 15 Class-A

Protections: short circuit auto recovery/ I/P over voltage with stand up to 440 V AC (cutoff @ 305 auto recovery @ 275 V ac/ O/P over voltage/over load.

Active Harmonic Filters

It is widely believed that active harmonics filters (AHF) are very costly and, therefore, are the last choice for power quality solutions. The answer is it depends. Every harmonics mitigation and power factor correction device has its place in the market.

Knowing what a solution does for power quality and the advantages and disadvantages of each solution provide optimized solutions with maximum benefits for the user.

Active harmonics filters provide controlled current injection to remove harmonic current from the source side of electrical systems and reactive current to correct for poor displacement power factor (PF). Active harmonics filters can be applied to a single nonlinear load or many. The nonlinear loads can be mixed types or devices, such as variable frequency drives (VFD), DC motor speed controls (aka DC drives), uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), or thyristor (DC) power supplies.

Servo Voltage Control Stabilizers

In certain industries even a slight fluctuation in voltage can cause the equipment to malfunction or breakdown. The basic use of SCVS is to control any fluctuation in the input voltage and to provide constant output voltage with +/-1% accuracy.


  1. Fastest rate of correction up to 70 v/sec
  2. Quickest response time
  3. 10 msec (half a cycle)
  4. Higher overload capabilities for high starting and regenerative currents repeated frequently in CNC machines.
  5. Compatible with fuel based Generator sets.

The servo voltage control stabilizers have no hunting, no oscillations and no noise generation. Machine-wound variable auto transformer with special carbon brush to minimize carbon deposit and for smooth commutation.

Reliability and Benefits

Applications: Network workstations, v-sat communications, on-line banking, telecom equipments, bio-medical equipments, process control, CNC machines, textile machines and printing machines, etc.

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