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Energy Audit

energy audit cycle

We offer Energy Audit services that are extremely helpful in conserving the natural resources and increasing the reliability & profitability of the business. Energy auditing services are vastly helpful in reducing the carbon foot prints, by implementing energy conservation measures. Energy audit services are provided at reasonable rates.

We are one of the Accredited Energy Auditors by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Government of India.

We have various empanelment’s with many state Governments like Kerala, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Tamilnadu.

We Possess all Energy Audit Equipment’s in place Need for Energy Audit:

Investment Grade Energy Audit (IGEA) is a process of accounting & analyzing the present energy consumption to identify potential energy saving possibilities through implementation and adoption of specific energy efficient methods, measures and technologies. IGEA Report is a detailed report defining the various energy conservation measures, related energy and energy cost saving, investment required for implementation of the measures and its payback. Objective of IGEA The broad objective of the Investment grade energy audit is to review the present energy consumption scenario, monitoring and analysis of the use of energy and explore the energy conservation options in various load centers of the building including submission of a detailed project report containing recommendations for improving energy efficiency with cost benefit analysis and technical specifications for any retrofit options with the list of suppliers / manufacturers of energy efficient technologies The Scope of IGEA The scope of the work includes a detail study survey, review the present energy consumption scenario, analysis of the use of energy and explore the energy conservation options in various load centers of the building including submission of a Detailed Project Report (DPR) containing recommendations for improving energy efficiency with cost benefit analysis, and technical specifications for any retrofit options with the list of suppliers/ manufacturers of energy efficient technologies Our Team members are having more than 10 years of experience in the field. Conducted many building Energy Audits. Our team consists of Certified and Accredited Energy Auditors by Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Other than BEE Accreditation, we have various state government empanelment (Tamilnadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat)

An energy audit is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows, for energy conservation in a building, process (or) system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s).

The Energy Conservation Act (ECA) of 2001 amended in 2010 empowers the Government of India to regulate energy efficiency and energy conservation. Under the ECA, the Government has assigned energy-intensive industries and other larger consumers as Designated Consumers, for which specific regulations on energy efficiency are adopted.

Companies in nine energy-intensive sectors have been identified as Designated Consumers, including 7 sectors in industry. Companies in these sectors with an energy use over a certain threshold are subject to ECA regulation. These sectors are fertilizers, iron and steel, cement, pulp and paper with an energy use over 30ktoe; chloralkali > 12 ktoe; aluminium > 7.5 ktoe; and textile > 3 ktoe . The total number of Designated Consumers in industry amounts to about 700.

Under the ECA, it is mandatory for all the designated energy consumers to have energy audits carried out by an accredited energy auditor, to designate or appoint an energy manager and to report annually on energy consumption.

The ECA also provided for the establishment of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in 2002. BEE is authorized by the Government to implement and monitor the regulation under the ECA and support the Designated Consumers. The Indian Industry Programme for Energy Conservation (IIPEC), a voluntary initiative, was established to encourage sharing of best practices and undertaking specific energy consumption targets by industries.

NestLives Pvt Ltd is doing the energy audit and conservation measures for all types of Consumers/Customers in India.

Power Trading

India is the third largest producer of electricity in Asia with an installed capacity that has increased from 1362 MW in 1947 to National Grid with an installed capacity of 329.23 GW as on 30 June 2017.

energy audit cycle

energy audit cycle

However, alongside this growth story are the shortages in meeting peak (3.2%) as well as energy shortage (2.1%) during FY2015-16. In spite of the overall shortage, the inherent diversity in demand of various States and Regions in the country results in periods of seasonal surplus in one State or region coinciding with periods of deficit in another. This coexistence of overall shortages with complementary geographical and temporal surplus-deficits provides substantial opportunities to improve the economic efficiency and reliable supply through trading of power both within as well as across Regions.

After the enactment of Electricity Act in 2003, the concept of Open Access and Power trading were created. Since generation and consumption of Power is not evenly distributed in India, the concept of Power trading enables surplus generation from one Region to flow to another Region which is deficit in Power or within the same Region. Power trading fundamentally means that a transaction where the price of power is negotiable and options exists about whom to trade with and for what quantum. Traditionally, trading licensee has been viewed as seller of electricity who fulfills the needs of the distribution companies (DISCOMS) by arranging electricity supply at the DISCOMS desired delivery point. Trading licensee can provide customized contracts according to the requirements of the buyers/sellers. Importantly, trading licensee act as risk absorbers between generators and DISCOMS ensuring that generators are paid on time by bringing in their finances in case there is a delay in payment by a buyer. It absorbs both liquidity risks as well as credit risk of the DISCOMS and insulates the generator from the financial condition of a DISCOM.

The pricing has primarily been fixed/ controlled by the Central and State Governments which is now being done by the Regulatory Commissions at the Centre and also in the States wherever they are already functional. Power generation, transmissions are highly capital intensive and the Fixed Charge component makes up a major part of tariff. India being a predominantly rural economy, power demand is seasonal, weather sensitive and there exists substantial difference in demand of power during different hours of the day with variations during peak hours and off peak hours. Further, the geographical spread of India is very large and different parts of the country face different types of climate and different types of loads.

NestLives Pvt Ltd is undertaking to trade of power to achieve economic efficiency and security of supply and to develop a vibrant power market in the country.

NestLives Pvt Ltd is facilitating the Power supply through various trading companies and it has an extensive presence in bilateral trading (Short/Medium/Long term) complemented strongly by its membership in both Power Exchanges.

Target of our Solutions

BEE provides support to the companies in implementing energy management systems in the form of technical support and through training and accreditation of energy auditors. Audits are subsidised by the government.

Implementation Toolbox

Technical support provided by BEE is a central tool to assist participants in implementation of mandatory energy managers and in carrying out an energy audit by a certified energy auditor.

Solar Consultation

We deliver a comprehensive package of solar services cover all aspects of the solar project lifecycle:

  1. Feasibility including technical and financial feasibility
  2. Design and development including pre-contract negotiations
  3. Construction management including acceptance testing
  4. Operational management services including asset management
  5. Due diligence including technical, commercial and environmental due diligence services

Our clients particularly appreciate:

  • A proven and established professional reputation with leading project finance banks
  • Our PAN India reach and presence in key emerging markets
  • A significant track record in delivering high quality and focused due diligence services
  • Availability of highly skilled personnel with long-term industry experience
  • Flexibility and ability to rapidly turn around projects

solar consultation
solar consultation

LED Consultation

Buying LED lights for your business is easier said than done. With thousands of worldwide companies entering into the LED market-place, how an organization to decipher between the important variables that are necessary when making an educated LED purchase?

Have you calculated desired lumens?

Is there a necessary wattage reduction to hit a sustainability goal?

Depending on the lighting application, are specific optics and angle of light distribution a concern?

Does your franchise require specific photometrics?

Are the purchased LED products accredited by DLC, UL, or Energy Star to qualify for rebates?

Does the manufacturer have a return policy?

How many years are the LED products warrantied?

Is the labor for installation warrantied?

The list of variables goes on and simply put, LED lights aren’t cheap. Prior to making these decisions, our clients find value in considering all the necessary variables in purchasing LED lights for their business. Whether exterior or interior, wouldn’t it be nice to walk into this purchase with the utmost satisfaction that your business is acquiring a legitimate investment?

Contact us and learn how to qualify for LED samples and manage this project with the utmost due diligence. Wouldn’t it be nice to install sample LED lights to test the lights and see if they’re in line with what your business is looking for?