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NEST LED Lightings

LED lighting will drastically reduce energy expenditure, significantly reduce greenhouse gases, and provide lighting designers with increasingly sophisticated options—but only with driver technology.

NEST offers lighting products which are more efficient and have a long life. The LED drivers manufactured measured up to high test quality standards and have the best quality of materials thus providing the highest brightness for both low and high powered LED lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor and other customised applications.

  1. Highest Light Output of > 110 Lumens/Watt at Product Level
  2. Simple Construction with integral driver
  3. High CRI of >80
  4. Healthy, UV Free Safe Light
  5. RoHS Compliant
  6. Environment Friendly
  7. Straight Retrofit Replacement so no hassles of Electrical Wiring changes
  8. Over 5 times longer life than the conventional light

Protection Plus Driver

Protection Plus Driver

LED Lighting Depends on Drivers which is heart of the LED. LEDs offer huge benefits. But to ensure optimum energy efficiency, reliability, and durability, they need the support of dedicated control gear. LED drivers play an important role in the overall design of lighting by regulating the power output. The main task of an LED driver is a constant light output, meaning a steady power supply to the LEDs, despite possible power variations.

LEDs are low-voltage light sources, requiring a constant DC (Direct Current) voltage or current to operate optimally. LEDs, therefore, require a Driver that can convert incoming AC power to the proper DC voltage, and regulate the current flowing through the LED during operation. Since, LED lights are always proportionate to the regular flow of current or voltage and perform efficiently in cool ambience; hence, an efficient and superior quality of Driver is needed.

NEST, being one of the most credible brands with its constant focus on hi-tech manufacturing and R & D activities, introduced Protection Plus Driver for its LED Lighting products. India, being a hot tropical country and voltage fluctuations is a common phenomenon, the R&D team of NEST felt a need of an advanced Driver. The Protection Plus Driver developed has short-circuit protection, secures the LED Lights from line-voltage fluctuations and ensures longer stand-by power, and increased safety.

The Protection Plus Driver, which is tested in extreme-weather conditions and designed specifically to make LED Lights capable of performing efficiently in any industry or sector vulnerable to high temperature.

Commercial Lighting

experienced and efficient team

The retail environment is where functional and decorative LED lighting combines perfectly to enhance your customer’s buying experience.

LED display lighting is an essential area for every shop or supermarket. Only when there’s perfect illumination, no glare and the correct lighting effects are applied do products really come to life. With narrow and wide light distribution and excellent colour distribution, Our LED modules let you apply exact focus and dynamic colour effects to display items. In addition, intelligent light management enables you to highlight individual items within the display.

LED modules are energy efficient and low maintenance choice for shop lighting. We increases the natural long life and environmental friendly features of LED lighting through our intelligent light management system. Intelligent thermal management increases the life of LED modules while ensuring that temperatures of shelving, display areas and counters remain acceptable.

The ability to automatically combine the right level of daylight and artificial light increases the energy efficiency of lighting while delivering a more natural experience while spending time in aisles, changing rooms or counter areas.

We have developed LED Modules to give you complete freedom in the design of your shop or supermarket lighting systems. The LED module portfolio for retail and shop applications offers the choice for the designer.

Industrial Lighting

Industrial LED

The correct level of light is essential in factory and warehouse settings.

Often in buildings with little natural light, artificial lighting has to help your employees complete their tasks while reducing fatigue. Factory and warehouse lighting has to be controllable, efficient and long-life in situations where disruptive maintenance cannot affect 24 hour operations. Industrial LED light solutions from us bring new levels of precision, coast efficiency and environmental performance to illuminate factory floors, production lines or logistics centres.

Within industrial applications, it is key to have the right light colour and light distribution in every area of the facility. Where artificial light is constant it is important to create a natural and glare-free environment as possible. This increases employee productivity while reducing the potential for tiredness and accidents. Within factory and warehouse buildings that may not have been designed for modern lighting but cannot easily be altered, LED modules from us provide the ideal solution.

Light management systems from us such as multi eco allow control of up to 64 separate areas within the building. You can set different lighting effects and strengths to match the requirements of the task within each area. Intelligent lighting management lets you control all lighting types from a central control. For example, trunking systems – constructed form a series of LED modules – deliver flexibility into difficult spatial conditions and complicated lighting requirements. LED trunking systems are especially suited to production line applications where the addition of reflectors and prism technology allows to deliver of very precise light to exact points on the assembly line.

Home Lighting

Home LED Lighting

Give children the best possible start. Lighting can help children to get incredible results in school, by aiding concentration, keeping students alert, and making the learning process more enjoyable. Isn’t a bright future what we all want for our children?

We endeavour to innovate and provide world class lighting solutions for your living spaces, bedroom, living room, dining areas, staircases, corridors or dressing rooms.

Office Lighting

Office Lighting

A place where people like to work

We works at significantly helping to design the future of light, and follows the vision of continuously improving light. Our lighting solutions not only focus on the quality of light and efficiency, but also inspire with award-winning design and very high quality standards.

The future office is less of a fixed workplace and more of an infrastructure – we provides optimum lighting atmospheres and at the same time supports individuality and creativity.

Road & Highways Lighting

Road and Highway Lighting

Optimized LED Road lights are a savvy improvement on outdated HID technology – and it comes with a huge return on investment. Also can save 50 to 80 percent of electricity use.

We believe in developing innovative Highway LED lighting solutions that improve and enhance people’s lives. We aim to provide systems that increase the liability and connectivity of our highway environment while also being mindful of our social responsibility and the need to preserve our planet.

We also provide Bridges, Monuments & Facades Lighting .Create memories with architectural lighting. Have your citizens and visitors take away a lasting impression of your city, by enhancing your structures and heritage in an exciting and inspirational way. Watch your city become a more vibrant and attractive destination for business and pleasure.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative Lighting

The graceful shapes of decorative LED lamps from us are as beautiful as the light they provide. Our decorative LED lamps are available in the most popular shapes and sizes, including LED candle shaped bulbs with candelabra bases, LED globes with standard and intermediate bases, and more. Choose the shape and the base size to fit your decorative lighting needs.

Warehouse & Cold Storage Lighting

Warehouse and Cold storage lighting

Your shelves might be high, but that doesn’t mean your energy bills should be. Reduce running costs with presence-activated lighting that shines exactly when and where you need it. Dimmable fixtures mean glare-free vision for forklift operators.

Healthcare Lighting

Healthcare Lighting

Light can have an incredible effect on people dealing with health problems. Patient-focused illumination can help out by providing comfort, reducing anxiety, and helping staff to do their jobs.

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