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Interior Solutions


We are working closely together with known designers, engineers and skilled installation teams carrying out interior works on new-builds and refits of super yachts in shipyards in India. We are able to supply and deliver the cutting edge technology products for super yachts, residences and estates, hotels, offices and other luxury architectural objects. Our passion is to provide the most exquisite luxury interiors according to our client’s expectations and design. Our luxury interiors products are especially custom-made for the most impressive, mega and most spectacular residences.

In combination with our excellent craftsman skills and attention to even the most minute detail, we will make your dream projects a reality. We provide the Complete End-to-end Interior Design model, which is also commonly known as Turnkey is when you hire an interior designer or a design agency with the intent to get everything taken care of by them. In case of Design and Execution model, it is often different individuals involved in a project, like the designer, contractor, carpenters, etc. and you or an interior designer you choose would manage them all.

Interior Design Experts

The most important decision you will make when it comes to interior decoration is finding skilled and reliable professionals. At NestLives provides , we ensure your house design is in the hands of our panel of experienced interior designers.

Personalised Service

Every home is a unique expression of its homeowners. We ensure your house design is in keeping with your distinct tastes. Everything, from creating furniture to choosing furnishings and lighting, is meant to reflect your sense of design.

State-of-the-Art 3D Visualisation

Second-guessing your décor decisions is not unusual, that’s something we’ve accounted for, with our 3D visualiser. It's an ideal way to see how your space can turn out and allows you to make any changes to the design before work begins.

End-to-End Service

While we work towards giving you your dream home interior design, all you need to do is relax while everything is taken care of. From concept to creation and planning to execution, our team has got you covered

Project Management

A dedicated Project Manager is in charge of managing your home renovation process. The project manager oversees the timely completion of your interior design and makes sure the workflow is seamless.

Signature Walls

With NestLives , you have access to top-of-the-line Asian Paints products to create beautiful walls. This includes elegant Nilaya wall coverings & textured finishes designed to elevate your home interiors.

One stop solution

Since everything is managed by the contractor or the agency, you get a one stop solution to all the problems. Be it lighting, furniture, or any other problem that you are facing, all you need to do is contact the person in-charge and he/she will take care of the rest.

Lesser flexibility

Since everything has been finalised before, there are chances that this type of model could feel less flexible as compared to the other one and it might be a problem. Also, generally there is one person assigned to your project, who is not necessarily a designer. So, this too becomes a problem as there is a chain of communication between you, the person assigned and eventually to the designer

Difference in taste and preferences

All the interior designers will be from the agency you hire. Hence, there are chances that the designer of the agency does not match your taste and preference. Every designer is an expert in his/her work but their way of working is different. However, with a little compromise, anything is possible. You must make it a point to understand what is it that you really want so that, explaining it to the designer is easier.

Key benefits for you:

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How it Works?

A friendly conversation

a chat in store, virtually or in your home, where we will get to know your tastes, initial ideas and lifestyle demands.

Designing your Space

Together, we will co-create your design, often incorporating your existing furniture. It can be optimising a single design, advice on piecing elements together or a comprehensive home design – it’s entirely up to you.

From vision to reality

Your design will match your budget and lifestyle, while reflecting your unique personality. Once you are 100% happy, we then bring it to life, with as much or as little help as you need.