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Solar Pumps

Solar Water Pumps

A solar pump uses power derived from sunlight that is converted into electrical power by Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) modules, which give higher power output in the afternoons and lower power output in the early morning and evening. As a result, solar pump works on varying power input and gives varying water output at a given pump duty head. The most important parameters to select a solar pump are: how much water is needed daily, at what pump duty head, and at which location. The location is important because solar energy varies from region to region, and sizing of solar panels depends on the capacity of solar pumps and also solar radiation of that region.

A solar water pump system is commonly seen in irrigation of agricultural land. Now a day using in residential and commercial uses. Our solar power pumps support various applications including field irrigation or supplying clean water for your communities, while drawing water from underground multiple water sources as per requirement. The main components in a solar pumping system include a photovoltaic (PV) array, an electric motor and a pump. Solar water pumping systems, on the other hand, are classified as either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) systems based on their motor’s ability. Recently, the concept of brushless DC (BLDC) motors for solar pumping water applications was presented as well.

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Data Required for Pump Selection


Technical Data

We have come up with solar water pumping solutions that utilize the energy of the sun to supply water. Major Components of Solar Pumping System:

  1. Solar pump and motor set
  2. Solar water pump controller
  3. Solar PV Modules
  4. Structure (for fixing PV modules)
  5. Pipes and cables
  6. Foundation set (consisting of foundation bolts, structure, anti-theft nut bolts and civil construction material-cement, sand, stones .etc.)
  7. Earthing and lighting arrestors

Types of Solar Pumps

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Solar water pumping controller

Solar water pumping controller can implement the control of the whole system operation, which drives the pump by converting DC power produced by the PV array to AC power. Controller can adjust the output frequency according to the solar irradiation intensity in real time to implement the MPPT (maximum power point tracking). The advantages of solar water controller is that it can run easily & efficiently on both solar (DC power) & grid (conventional AC power -optional), giving very high discharge for maximum time.

Submersible and Surface Pump Controller

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(With the help of our GSM based remote monitoring module user can monitor and control his system remotely from all over the world just with the help of internet.)

Benefits and Limitation